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Virtual Private Servers

VPS PlanMemoryRAID Disk SpaceTier 1 BandwidthPrice
VPS-11 GB50 GB1500 GB$29.95/m
VPS-22 GB75 GB2000 GB$44.95/m
VPS-33 GB150 GB2500 GB$69.95/m
VPS-44 GB250 GB3000 GB$99.95/m
VPS-54 GB300 GB3500 GB$129.95/m
VPS-DNS512 MB15 GB2500 GB$19.95/m

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 What are Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are designed for the customer looking for more control than what is offered in a shared web hosting environment and their ideal for hosting multiple domains for profit or easier management of your own sites. There are also notable benefits to having resources dedicated to you from a high-end server with superior redundancy in contrast to a starter to mid end dedicated server. We have designed our VPS environments to provide exceptional performance as well as flexibility.

Virtual Private Servers Powered By Xen

Xen virtualization allows us to offer multiple dedicated server environments within one physical machine. Each server environment is fully isolated from other private servers on the same machine, Xen “Paravirtualization” technology allows near-native performance with the ability to compile and load your own kernel modules.

VPS Benefits

  • Full Root Level Access
  • 100% Guaranteed Resources
  • XEN  Virtualization
  • Raid-10 Ultra Fast Disk Systems
  • Choice of operating systems
  • Choose your own control panel
  • Easily scale memory, disk space, and bandwidth as necessary.


You have a choice of  2 domain web control panels.

  • cPanel  
  • Webmin

Please note licenses fees may apply to the web control you select.

Cpanel Webhost Manager

  • Only $12.00/m
  • Latest WHM/cPanel Control panel.
  • Web Host Manager for resellers
  • Each domain has its own cPanel control.
  • Easily add new accounts.
  • Easily Migrate accounts from any cpanel servers.
  • Create and Manage E-mail/FTP
  • Create and Manage Mysql Databases
  • Enhanced Security
  • Easily manage server configurations.
  • Easily manage server upgrades.
  • Much Much more …..


  • Free
  • Reseller Panel available
  • Each domain has a control panel.
  • Easily add new accounts.
  • Create and Manage E-mail/FTP
  • Create and Manage Mysql Databases

Cpanel DNS Only

The “DNS Only” platform is Free software provided by cPanel to create redundant DNS clusters. This is very useful if you already have a cPanel dedicated server or VPS and want a reliable, redundant DNS configuration.


  • 24/7/365 Premium Support via Ticket System
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Online Support Portal with Video Tutorials and Help Articles