Video Testimonials


What is it?

Vidmonial is a revolutionary video tool that helps increase trust, double conversions, and drive traffic for you and clients handsfree.

It’s a cloud platform integrated with breakthrough video technology that fully automates the processes of capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials.

Video testimonials are the most powerful selling tool today and you can fully eliminate the painstaking process of getting them and integrating in your marketing.

With Vidmonial You Can:

Get 10x the Conversions and Trust – Increase sales conversions by leveraging the most important asset toward building trust and authenticity today.

Drive “Warmed-Up” Traffic – Syndicate the testimonials to YouTube & FB for easy traffic + download to use in ads campaigns

Features Include:

Create “Set-and-Forget” Testimonial Generating Campaigns – Create campaigns fully hosted with Vidmonnial that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot.

Live Video Capture Tech. – Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Vidmonial.

“Built-in” Video Traffic Features – In just 1-click, share your testimonial to Facebook or YouTube to drive traffic. Download the testimonial to use in ads, posts, and more.

Display Anywhere – Showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want – works with Shopify, HTML, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

Bonus Incentive Feature – Create ethical incentives for users to leave the testimonial in the first place as a reward for their time and automatically deliver to them once a real testimonial is verified by Vidmonial

Star Ratings and Written Feedback – Along with a video testimonial, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to showcase for higher conversions

Only $59.95/year