How to Update to PHP 8 on a Server

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages on the web today. As with any piece of software, PHP has a release life cycle in which it has to adhere to in order to keep pushing things forward and making improvements.  Each major release of PHP is typically fully supported for two years after its release. During that time, bugs and security issues are fixed and patched on a regular basis.

PHP, like any other large system, is under constant scrutiny and improvement. Each new version will often include both major and minor changes to enhance security and repair any flaws, configuration mishaps, and other issues that will affect the overall security and stability of your system. Like other system-level scripting languages and programs, the best approach is to update often, and maintain awareness of the latest versions and their changes.

If you now require PHP 8 on your cPanel server, we have included instructions below on how to activate PHP 8 on your server.

  1. Log in to WHM panel as root and get the ‘EasyApache 4’ under the ‘Software’ section by searching it.

  2. You can select the ‘Customize’ option on the ‘Currently Installed Packages’ section.

  3. It will show you a bunch of Apache and PHP options. Go to the ‘PHP Versions’ area and on the 2nd page, you can see the PHP 8 version is showing as disabled.

  4. Make it enabled and choose the option PHP 8.0 and Extensions.

  5. Then go to the ‘Review’ section and the ‘Provision’ the changes.

It will take some time to install the packages and you will get a ‘Completion’ message there once it is all done.