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Cloud Servers


Server PlanCPU’sMemoryDisk SpaceData TransferPrice
CS-01x Intel Xeon 3GHz1 GB150 GB 2000 GB$49.99/m
CS-11x Intel Xeon 3GHz2 GB300 GB2000 GB$69.99/m
CS-22x Intel Xeon 3GHz2 GB300 GB2000 GB$79.99/m
CS-44x Intel Xeon 3GHz4 GB600 GB2000 GB$139.99/m
CS-66x Intel Xeon 3GHz6 GB900 GB3000 GB$199.99/m
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OLM Cloud Key Features

  • The power and security of dedicated resources
  • Advanced high-availability features
  • Greater stability and redundancy

Data Protection

Unlike regular dedicated servers, each OLM Cloud Server has backups utilizing automated drive image snapshots and other comprehensive hardware layer replication. Which means your server can generally be restored from the latest backup image within 30 minutes if necessary, drastically reducing typical dedicated server restoration time. This means full server recovery can occur in minutes in contrast to hours, which is not the case with a regular server.



Server features

  • 100 Mbp Port Speed
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Root server access
  • Remote Reboot Control
  • Remote Console (VNC/IPMI)
  • Integrated full-disk backups
  • Easily Scalable Memory and CPU
  • Graphical Bandwidth Usage Stats


Best In Class Data Center 

Our Cloud Servers are hosted in the Level 3 facility in the Telehouse data center in NYC.

One of America’s International Internet Exchanges is located here.
This provides our customers with better network-to-network connectivity.Data Center Building

Data Center Features

  • Tier Four Facility (More Info)
  • Multiple Redundant Fiber Connections
  • Windowless Security Hardened Facility
  • N+1 electrical design and distribution
  • Redundant UPS and Battery Backup
  • Can run up to 30 days without any external power
  • Active Fire Prevention and Suppression
  • Humidity and zone temperature control
  • Multiple True Diverse Fiber Entrances
  • Zone 2 Seismic Code Construction
  • On-Site Security and Support Personnel
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and Operational Support


Web Control

We recommend using Cpanel.

Cpanel is a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider supplying hosting automation tools to numerous data centers and customers all around the world.

  • Web Host Manager (WHM) allows you to maintain your server from an intuitive web control. (Take Tour).
  • Your end user is provided with the Cpanel web control to easily maintain their website. (Try Demo).

Operating Systems

  • CentOS Linux 7 (64bit)
  • Debian Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Ask us.