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Choose From Over 80 Premium WordPress Topic/Niche Blogs!

These Blogs are beautifully designed and optimized to do one thing...earn you lots of cash in high-paying hot niches! All you need is a domain and to start driving traffic! It honestly couldn't get any simpler! If that isn't enough we have taken these blogs to the next level by adding premium plugins, which will automate your content and make it unique, and we also provide a complete security solution to protect your investment. If you want a great-looking site with no hassles, our Affordable premium Word press websites are a great option.

Only $49.95 each Installed

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What You Get: 

  • Premium Theme with customizable options
  • WP Security Package ($14.95 value)
    • Login Lock  - (Brute Force Attack Protection)
    • Login Encrytion  - (Encrypts your login password)
    • Firewall - Blocks all types of PHP injection
    • Malware Scanner
  • We include the following additional premium plugins:
    • Auto Tube Pro ($19.95 value)  - Places a relevant video in your posts automatically
    • Covert Messenger Pro ($19.95 value) - You may have seen the popup window on this site.
    • Timeline Opt In Pro ($9.00 value) - Create amazing Facebook timeline optin pages! (More info)
    • Covert Geo Targeter ($9.00) - Target your visitors by the geographic location.
    • Social Media Press ($9.95) - Easily Create Social Deals Discount. (More Info)
    • Simple Video Pro ($37.00 value) – Turn videos into valuable money making tools – (More info).
    • Clickbank Profit Poster ($9.95 value) – Create top recommended product pages using keywords from your niche blog.
    • Popup Notify ($9.95 value) – Facebook like popup add rotator  (More Info).
    • Smart Pages ($14.95 value) – Create amazing pages filled with videos and pictures with 1 click!
    • Headline Graphic Pack ($14.95 value) – Create great headline graphics like the one above.
    • Covert Copy Traffic ($9.95 value) – This plugin  captures traffic from people who email your website content to friends.
    • WP-Optimum Elite ($99.95 value) – Completely optimizes all aspects of your WP site so its streamlined and responds fast. (More Info)
    • WP Context Azon ($25.00 value) – Display beautiful Amazon ads based on keyword with this unique wordpress plugin.
  • Spam Protection - Block spam using lists from project honey spot
  • WP Unique content spinner
  • Relevant Video Content
  • Monetized for Clickbank, Adsense Amazon and most other ad networks.
  • Additional content and marketing materials
  • Installation on any website using cPanel hosting.
  • More .....

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