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Tier-1 Network

OLM has a state of the art Cisco powered network, which is designed for speed and redundancy, to ensure the highest level of availability for your web sites. The network is connected to the Internet using Gigabit connections from Tier 1 carriers such as AT&T, Global Crossing, Verizon, and Level3. This ensures minimal latency, and optimal routing paths for traffic entering our network. Diverse fiber optic entry points to our facilities provide increased redundancy, in the unlikely event of a local fiber optic cut.

Our facilities are strategically located between major network peering points in New York City and Boston, ensuring the best global routing.

Fire Suppression

OLM uses the tested and trusted Kidde FM200 - Kidde Clean Agent systems discharge a dry agent in less than 10 seconds, leaving no harmful residue in the data center. It's the preferred fire suppression system for critical electronics and computer environments.

The whole system is monitored by the ARIEST Intelligent Control Unit - a compact, full-featured intelligent control unit that manages fire response events from detection and alarm to suppression system release. The ARIES provides pre-planned, sequential system response or immediate system actuation depending on the requirements of the application. The ARIES seamlessly expands up to a 32 node peer-to-peer network for large system installations

  • Reduces risk of downtime and helps maintain business continuity in the event of a fire.
  • Clean leaving no residue. Safe for discharge into occupied spaces.
  • Design concentrations for 95% of its applications fall well below NOAEL levels.
  • Proven Kidde Reliability - tested and approved all of Kidde's various detection and control options.
  • Sustainable technology providing an environmentally friendly solution.
Aries Kiddie Fire System
Electrical and UPS

In the event of a power outage, APC Power Systems automatically transfer power to one of our KOHLER diesel generators. With full weather enclosures and 900 gallon gas tanks (with additional diesel quickly available through contracted vendors) they are packed with enough power to take on a long outage. All data center systems are generator backed.

Generator APC
Climate Control

OLM utilizes HVAC systems from APC, Liebert, and Trane to keep its critical infrastructures at an optimal temperature between 65 °F and 68 °F, and an ambient relative humidity level between 45% and 55% at all times.

Climate Control

Physical access is monitored externally and internally via 24/7 closed circuit camera. All points of entry incorporate a combination of numeric key pad / swipe key / hand scanner security with only Administration and Management level access to the data center.

Security Cameras Security Keypad
Network Speed Tests
10MB Test File
100MB Test File